Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Danushkodi...... A Tale.....

All these photographs were shot by me in a place called "Danushkodi" which is in south India.

There is no proper road to this place, need to hire a 4X4 jeep to reach..

This place was once an important entry point to India with all facilities like Railway station, and other government offices,
But then, A cyclone storm with high velocity winds and high tidal waves hit this town on 22nd December 1964 causing heavy damages
all dwelling houses were blown to pieces in the storm and marooned. In addition hundreds people died in this cyclonic storm.

I have recently visited this place to see people living in small numbers. they are with out even basic facility of electricity. This is the only place in the worls where I see the earlier generation has got a better life than the current one...its really pathetic !!

you will feel your heart heavy when visiting this place.

We all know Climate change is one of the main reasons for these type of tropical cyclones.

Its more justifiable if we suffer because of our mistakes and faults, but what those innocents have done to experience those disasters !
They even don't know what is climate change and global warming but they have become the victims of that, so pathetic....
Now its our call ! we have to do something about it............
small or big but we should start NOW !!!

Its a WAKE UP CALL Friends !

With love to nature....


  1. the pics shows the lonely and devastated feel exactly how the place is..

    i have heard abt the place too..i have heard it was a tsunami wherein the tide has arised upto 200ft..

    no doubt, you pics are speaking out what they are supposed to... kudos to you...

  2. Thanks a lot Raj.. for your words... :)
    the place was really touching....

  3. Munis,

    The pics are really superb and cannot be expressed in words rather in enjoying and feeling the beauty..

    These pictures made me to
    * Feel the nature
    * Spend few bugs.... (For camera)
    * Adopt a new hobby (Photography)
    * Learning and getting trained a new skill
    * Sustaining the same

    And you played major role in creating the photography interest in me..

    Thanks a lot Munish...



  4. Hi Munish,

    The rusted anchor is a Master piece.. I just love this shot.. No other angle or background would have been better for this particular shot.. Wish you visit many places and bring us Photo treats..