Sunday, December 13, 2009

About me in simple words...

Hi friends....

Welcome to my page,

Some may know me and some may not, but for both the below is about me in simple words as I am :

My name is Muniswara Raja.PL and friends call me Munish !

My native is Chettinad near karaikudi the place is called "Kanadukathan" which is very famous for its cuisines world-over. Its also famous for some of the best architectural excellence.
I am brought-up in Chennai from childhood and done my schoolings in Chennai only.
After my education i was in Hosur and Bangalore for quite some years and back to chennai by 2005.

I started my career as mechanical engineer and currently working as Project leader in a MNC in Chennai.

The one big reason for starting my blog is my "Love on Photography", Its like love at first sight.... since my childhood I am more attracted towards photography, I look more on the photographs on my text books and magazines, I love movies with good cinematography irrespective of its content and language. All these years I have been a good fan of photographs and the real learning started recently, now I understand one has to be a good fan to be a good photographer too !
I am still learning and will learn for ever, Photography is an ocean and there is nothing called "I am done". Every time I take my cam out of my bag, I learn something new and its worth calling a MAGIC TUTOR !

I don't want to take more of your time.....and in this blog,
I will be posting more of photographs and story behind that.... hope you will enjoy it....your comments are most welcome in both directions....

Have a time ahead !



  1. Hi Munish,
    Great to know that you love photography. And u defenitely have an eye based on the number of snaps u have shared with me. U have that special talent and the patiience to get the right shot and I do wish u all the best in this hobby of yours. I am sure u will excel as u are a natural.

  2. Hi Munish,
    I know you well as a good engineer. But you are such a good photographer too. Kepp it up.
    Really some of your photos are mind blowing. Congrates.